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How to interpret your Title Rating results

You’ve run the title creator tool and seen the page of results; now what? Some considerations are important when you weigh the results of this tool.
Use it as a guide, not a dictum

The purpose of this tool is to give you information about what you have written to make a web page better. It does calculations and analysis not quickly done by humans, but it doesn’t “think”. Let it help you more readily communicate what you’re really trying to say.

Designed for English web pages

The tool is currently only available with English word scoring. That’s not to say that you can’t use some of the program’s results to help guide you in another language, just that the scoring system will not apply as accurately because it doesn’t eliminate unimportant words. If there is a demand for the tool in other languages, we will develop it.

Semantic structure is necessary for the most accurate results

If you see HTML tags as keywords, your tags may be improperly opened or closed; you can use the keyword ignore field on the creator page until you fix the coding. Also, if your page doesn’t validate to W3 standards, you may see imprecise results.

If you have not separated HTML tags with carriage returns within the coding (this can happen in minified HTML) you will see odd combinations of words in your keywords, and your results may be less useable.

Make your title readable

Your page title should be easy to read; not just a list of keywords. For scoring, the program removes unimportant words, and you should restrict their use, yet make your title flow.

Not a keyword search tool

This tool is not based on search engine algorithms; it makes only a small value assignment to the searchability of your title.

If a word is omitted from the title suggestion, it’s part of a list of filtered words; add it on the title creator tool page. In addition, it is not necessarily bad to repeat a keyword, once, in your Title, however, this program removes duplicate words.

Consider editing page content if the resulting Title suggestion fails to target what you desire. In particular, make sure each page has focused rather than scattered subject matter. Also, try not to overuse words that are not important to your core subject.

Be consistent

The thematic consistency between title and content is important, but the title supersedes the content as long as there is a correlation. This tool may suggest that you use better support of your Title Keywords in page content.

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