Online Marketing

  • One of the most cost effective methods of marketing available, if performed correctly, can yield a great ROI.
It’s never been more simple and at the same time, strategically challenging to get your email marketing on track. Email marketing is easy to use and it can give you a higher return rate than direct mail. But, if your email marketing is getting caught in spam filters or it’s just getting ignored, then it’s not doing what it can—it’s under-performing!We offer custom design and management of your email distribution, creating compelling, poignant email templates along with detailed marketing information on open rates, click-through rates and forwarding data—so you know exactly what’s happening.

  • We make email marketing easy, with templates and account set-up.
  • We offer custom design and management of reoccurring distributions.
  • Nightbird Web Solutions provides you with options from turnkey—where we create the content based on your outline—to one where we train you how to distribute your own email blasts using the template(s) we design for you.
  • Avoid the pitfalls of rejected email lists, spam refusals, and “move to trash” syndrome that can accompany amature campaigns.

  • Keeping up with the umpteen Social Media venues can be daunting. Nightbird Web Solutions cuts through the chaff and focuses on the media that will best suit your brand, company or organization.

Most everyone has heard about Social Media and how their company needs to have a presence in one or more of the Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+1, Instagram, or one of the umpteen other venues. Can you simply post information relative to your company on these pages and penetrate the Social Media marketplace?Social Media is quickly becoming an area of expertise where people and companies often become confused with the choices growing daily. Nightbird Web Solutions’s part in sorting through the chaff is to help your company identify your goals, complimentary neighborhoods and target audiences.


The crucial factors that many companies overlook is that to establish a dialogue with target audiences, what your company puts out there needs to be interesting, appealing, insightful, and/or captivating. This can be a challenge to many companies, especially those who deal in industries not historically known for these qualities.


If a company makes widgets, how do they create a buzz about widgets?A fresh look from Nightbird Web Solutions can help you identify and focus those unique things about your company that the people you touch will find intriguing. Each company’s model may be different depending on buying cycles, product specificity… the list goes on.


We work with you to figure out if Social Media can work for you. It may be as simple as making sure you have taken ownership of your business listing pages, and have provided all the necessary information for your audience to find you regardless of whether they are using Yelp, or a Google Place page to discover information about you.


It might be that you can interact with reviewers of your services/products in a meaningful, positive way. With more and more buyers making decisions on peer reviews, your company’s online reputation can be crucial to your success, and managing that correctly is the first step.


Let Nightbird Web Solutions navigate this process for you; we work with you, and often this starts with a meeting of the minds. We find out about your organization, then we apprise you of the choices available, review the pros and cons of the different options, and then make a recommendation.

  • Short, catchy graphic video production to intrigue your clients
If you have a story to tell, especially if it’s a bit abstract and doesn’t lend itself to demonstrations, a video scribe can be a great way to capture your potential clients’ attention. Cleverly scripted, story boarded, and produced with full sounds and music, these video scribes allow you to captivate your audience as they can’t help but watch the pen strokes.

  • Learn how Nightbird Web Solutions has solved other clients challenges, and can meet your requirements cost effectively, and beautifully.
If your company has products it would like to sell on the web, your company requires some sort of eCommerce platform—but which type or which one? Depending on the number of products, the interface and user experience you are trying to provide, buying choices could range from a limited number of PayPal buttons (or other payment provider) to a full blown eCommerce software package.We help you decide. From PCI considerations, to types of shipping and credit card processing integrations up to and possibly including QuickBooks, we can help you decide where to start and the path to grow based on your budget and requirements. We’ve handled eCommerce/Payment from as small as one item to almost two million—yeah, with six zeros.


A key component for products is that your products get found when people look for them, or items that might be related to them—maybe they don’t know that your products exist and will be searching on tangible words. Setting up your solution needs to take all these things into consideration, and we never lose sight of the user experience.

  • Brand awareness, Event Notification or bringing newsworthy happenings to the attention of the masses is an art in which Nightbird Web Solutions has excelled. From individuals to medium businesses interested in cost effective noteworthiness.
Your company has established multiple Social Media channels, and is diligently posting and interacting with clients/customers/members/followers, but you still feel as if you can do more to enhance your organization’s presence. It may be time to consider a Public Relations campaign or perhaps just a single press release.Crucial points of achievement or challenge for your company need to be handled with precision and professionalism.Whether you’re leading a fund raiser for a corporate charity, announcing a new product line, or addressing an operations challenge, Nightbird Web Solutions can provide you an express route to get your message out to the audience you’re trying to reach. We put our tools to work for you, and help you to create exactly the message you’re want to deliver to the people you want to read/hear/see it.


Nightbird Web Solutions has the capacity to address single event public relations, or can work with your company to organize an ongoing campaign to establish Brand recognition.

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