AdWords (PPC)

Entice web traffic to your products/services in a way that makes sense for your organization.

You have probably been approached by many "experts" with desires of managing the AdWords campaigns for your web site.

Pricing schemes, service arrangements, big promises enveloped by mitigation is usually part of the program. At INT, we make it simple. You decide the level of integration you want Nightbird Web Solutions to take in managing your account and we do it.

Sure, we have the resources to construct a site from nothing; ground up, we can be part of the domain selection, hosting, design, development, melding SEO and AdWords into your online marketing effort. Alternatively, we can repair and revitalize your existing AdWords account, all at a customized price for your unique business needs.

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How can Nightbird Web Solutions AdWords Pay Per Click Management (PPC) benefit your organization?

PPC can work adjunct to SEO.

You pay for each ad, so, is it better to get the free advertising that organic search results give you?

Bottom line, there are things you can accomplish with AdWords that are difficult, if not impossible to do with SEO. Depending upon the nature of your product or service, the competition level, the diversity of offerings you have, PPC (Pay Per Click) allows dynamics that cannot be duplicated by organic search.

  • You do not have to have verbose, keyword researched content and wait for it to be indexed to target infinitely varied search terms.
  • You can rapidly test web page changes, or compare different combinations of keywords and landing pages.
  • You can tailor custom advertising profiles to different buyer types.
  • Run frequent promotions without frequent edits to your website.
  • Your company’s advertisement can display when people have actually searched for your competition.

We combine our knowledge of PPC and business together with your areas of market expertise to unveil more ways to expand your market presence.

The level of competition in virtually all markets mandates leaner, more streamlined business practices. Nightbird Web Solutions aims to work with you to give you the most advertising value within the parameters and budget that you specify.

Learning how to set up AdWords (PPC) can be tremendously costly in both time and misspent advertising dollars.

Depending on your business, the ins and outs of PPC can be tricky. This situation is exacerbated by the fact that it is so easy to set up an account and click on the choices you are given. Before you know it, you can be spending money on ads and keywords that have little if any chance of turning into revenue for your company.

If approached casually, someone could blow through countless dollars without return or recourse. We have been managing PPC for quite a while, and we are not going to suffer pitfalls that even the smartest novices do.

Open the doors to myriad PPC opportunities.

Sure, Google is the biggest player, but there are other avenues for targeted marketing. Nightbird Web Solutions can guide you through the tangle of choices. Is AdCenter a viable option, or could your money be better spent on sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn? Social media has experienced a surge of popularity; let Nightbird Web Solutions investigate which approaches offer you real bang for the buck.

Nightbird Web Solutions has a sizeable tool kit.

Whatever possible issue your website may have that has hampered previous PPC efforts, Nightbird Web Solutions has the resources to make your site perform to its peak level.
We can look below the surface into the foundation to examine if there are performance issues that need mending.

How does it work?

Nightbird Web Solutions bills your account specific to your business.

  • Nightbird Web Solutions follows a business model wherein we manage your account with full disclosure wherever possible. You will have visibility to everything our professionals can see, this includes the amount you are paying for each keyword, and how they are faring. Your agreement to pay for your ads lies solely between you and the PPC provider.
  • We do ask that only the Nightbird Web Solutions professional assigned to your account makes changes within the account, but you will have overriding control at all times.
  • What we do not do is base our fees on what you spend. Many companies do this, and we feel that it is counterproductive for our customers.
    Another thing we do not do is charge a flat fee that incorporates your spending. Too many ways to "tinker" with PPC accounts make this billing method counterproductive for our clients.

How do I begin the process of Nightbird Web Solutions managing my account?

First, use the button below or call 702.508.4821 to contact INT, and one of our AdWords experts will set up a meeting where we will discuss the following:

  • An overview of your products or services
  • A profile of your customers—who comprises your customer base?
  • The number of different products or services you are promoting
  • The margins you realize on your products or services
  • The quantity of a typical purchase and the frequency that your buyers return
  • How long it takes (the "buying" cycle) for a customer to enlist your products or services
  • The level of competition for your marketplace
  • The SEO optimization state of your website

The initial consultation with Nightbird Web Solutions is at no cost to you. We will discuss the viability of an AdWords or other PPC campaign and establish your goals and expectations for its performance.Then, together we can decide how you would like to proceed.

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